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Patient Testimonial

"Good news from Milano, Italy.News from the Milano Mayamona family confirms that "You are a Centre of Excellence". Baby Nathan Fumuzola got the plastic ring off his penis on Thursday 13 January, day 7 after the circumcision.

“Everything went well and smooth as described in your centre leaflet. Nathan behaved has if nothing happened to him for he was playing all day round, without any itch. My brother said: we travel from Italy to the centre and we got the best for our son.

“We are glad we chose your centre (though from a Google search) and will recomend any interested parents.

“And as a family we say: a big thank you.Attached pics of baby Nathan at your centre. Cheers"

Dr. Lubanzadio Mavatikua
Uncle to Nathan,
On behalf of the Mayamona

"I thought I must put pen to paper...or in this case fingertips to keyboard to thank you very much for the excellent service your company afforded me a few weeks ago.

“From my initial booking through to my after op rest period ( not forgetting the tea and chocolate biscuits) the whole process was handled with courtesy and professionalism.

“A special thanks to the surgeon and his reassuring assistant for putting my mind at ease and performing a pain free and stress free operation,the result by the way is a work of art.

A company to be highly recommended."

J.F. Southend on Sea.

"Your staff were very professional, the clinic clean and welcoming. You were very reassuring both before the procedure and on Day 6 when I called with a concern. The Plastibell did fall off the very next day.

"The scar looks neat and I will certainly be recommending your clinic to my patients who express an interest in circumcision."

Dr Sadaf H.

"Just to say a big thank you for a job well done... We had the operation done on the 23 January and the plastic ring dropped off on day 5 (Monday 28 January) and Dominic is healing well... no problems noted and he has been a contented little one since the operation! Quite surprising!

"Once again our appreciation and thanks to the doctors, nurse and yourself (Pauline) for providing a relaxing, reassuring and caring environment and attitude you have shown towards us... All the best and keep up the good work."

Wolla and Rosanna B.

“To all the staff at The Thornhill Clinic. Thank you all so much for your amazing work, help and kindness during my time spent with you.

"You are all truly a credit to your profession. Kindest regards."

Alan M.

"We didn't need the photos and the result is almost perfection - high and tight, and very neat. So congrats to all."

Kevin N.

"Good morning. I never got a chance to say it properly yesterday, or fill out a comment card, so could you please pass on my thanks to the Doctor and his team, in particularly the two men who did the 'job'.

"When they were introducing themselves, I was a little anxious so cannot remember their names - sorry guys. However, their bedside manner was fantastic and although I can't say they made it an 'enjoyable' experience (not a criticism) they did put me at ease and too my mind off the task at hand which was much appreciated.

"After a long time researching, I am happy that I decided to make the appointment with you.

"You offer a friendly, efficient and highly professional service that I would happily recommend to anyone thinking of having this procedure done.

"Again, thanks for everything. Regards"

Ronan T.

"Dear Darrel,

“I visited your clinic on Monday for a circumcision operation for medical reasons. I am just writing to let you know that I thought the service you offer is excellent. The medical staff that performed my operation were exceptional. They really are a credit to you and your surgery. They made what was quite a nervous and scary situation into, I have to say, a very pleasant and calming experience.

"They talked me through the whole operation beforehand as well as engaging in light conversation throughout. I personally found this very relaxing and reassuring that the two doctors took great time and care to deal with me in this way, so please thank them on my behalf (I wish there were more doctors out there like them?).

"The clinic itself I found immaculate and a very friendly environment to be in. The two ladies on reception also deserve praise, as they were most helpful, polite and considerate to all of the patients there. Again, I just wish there were more receptionists in general practice like the two ladies you employ.

"So thank them once more from me because they are a credit to you and the medical profession. Keep up the good work. Yours sincerely"

Peter A.

"Hi, I would like to let you know that 7 weeks after my operation I am very happy with the result and I would like to thank you for your assistance at this time."

Andy W.

"May I take this opportunity to thank you for the care you and your staff provided for me while attending your clinic on Monday.

"I am very happy with the results so far, just taking the bandage off for the first time. I will follow the aftercare you suggest in your leaflets.

"Meanwhile I will without reservation recommend your clinic to anyone why may be interested in this type of operation."

Paul T.

"Dear Circumcision Centre. I just wanted to forward my thanks and gratitude to you for making my operation as painless and comfortable as possible last Friday. I have removed the first bandage yesterday evening and everything is looking fine so far. I'll continue to follow the instructions you have supplied. Once again, thank you very much."

Andrew T.

"Dear Sir. Three weeks ago I had a circumcision at your clinic. When the bandage came off the result was very neat and the sealing was so well done that there was hardly any blood on the dressing.

"Thanks to all the staff at the clinic who were very helpful and reassuring. Having an operation with a local anesthetic meant a quick recovery afterwards, and kept the costs down to a very affordable amount. Kind regards."

Christopher D.

"First of all, myself and Thomas and his mum want to thank you. Thomas was circumcised last Monday - frenulum removed and PlastiBell. The PlastiBell has dropped off today on his 13th birthday, he is a little tender still and slightly swollen but is very pleased with the result. In fact he has told two of his friends who are also having problems and gave them your website address.
"In fact he has told everyone he knows. It's amusing he even went to the swimming club on Saturday where he has several friends. He didn't swim, but just went to show them the PlastiBell in operation.
"We both couldn't believe how quickly the operation went and the only discomfort he had, apart from the needle, was the tight underpants his mum had bought him. I went into Luton and purchased some bigger ones, which solved the problem. My only regret is that we didn't push for this operation sooner.
"So, on behalf of Thomas, his mum and myself a very big thank you. We don't mind if you use this on your website... but if you do just use his first name thank you."

Thomas W.

"I was most impressed with what he did and the care that he took and it would be nice to recommend the Circumcision Clinic to anyone else I can advise to use your clinic.
The whole ethos of the place there was brilliant and deserves me passing on my views that the Circumcision Centre is the place to use."

Brian J.

"We had our son circumcised at your clinic in October, and as the testimonials on your site helped to put our mind at ease before the process, we thought we would like to send you a testimonial to use on the website if you wish, although we would prefer to remain anonymous.Thank you so much for the positive experience we had at your clinic. We were impressed by the way everything was managed, and the surgeon was very skilled. We felt at ease, and in good hands. Our son didn't even show any sign of discomfort a few hours later. The process and aftercare were explained very well, and everything went so smoothly. Thank you!"


"Just wanted to say Thanks, my sons ring came off on day 4 and is all healing well, I have also put your leaflet up in my community centre"


Hi Darrel, just to let you know that I am doing well here and the way I was treated was excellent and I would say to anyone to go and get their circumcision done at your place. I have not felt this comfortable since I was 14 years old, I should have done it years ago. Also there was no pain after I only took 2 pain killers that night then that was me, again great job. Thanks again

Alan Campbell

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